MPG has its roots in the trucking business.

   By Steve Matson CEO and founder

In 1979, I was 21, driving a 78 White Road Commander - cab-over - 350 Cummins - 10-speed with a Jake. Since the fuel and repairs came out of my pocket, I quickly learned to drive to achieve the best fuel mileage. Some weeks the difference between 4 and 6 mpg was  my paycheck.*

That year I put more than 100,000 miles on that truck and never had to adjust the brakes – I was that hungry.

After a year of seeing the country, and with knowledge I had gained moving food coast to coast, I decided to start my own wholesale food business.
I had a small fleet with a maintenance shop and followed usual and customary maintenance practices.

I wish I’d known then what I know now

Flash forward to 2006 and I decided it was time for a change. The opportunity presented itself to take a new career path into the wild world of High Performance Lubricants.

I had friends building racing engines and we tested numerous oils and fuel additives back to back on chassis as well as engine dynos. We found Diesel engine oil to produce the most increases in torque and horsepower as well as protecting these very expensive units much better than so called “Racing” oil.


We also picked up substantial power on the chassis dynos with gear and transmission lubes.

Using the lubes in my personal vehicles, I achieved a solid 20% increase in fuel mileage.
I figured if half those gains could be achieved in a tractor trailer, it would benefit everyone.

As much fun as racing is, I turned my focus to the transportation industry

My Step-father, Ted Scheitlin, has been an Owner Operator for many years. We used his trucks to test numerous lube packages and chose Texas Refinery as the company we would represent.

TRC has such a complete line of highly effective lubricants that the only obstacle we faced was how to get the fuel additive into the fuel tanks. Every trucking company I spoke with knew they would benefit from using fuel improvers, however, they knew i was impractical to expect the drivers to measure and add the product every time they fueled.

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I set my sight on manufacturing
the best fuel additive
dosing device on the market


The material had to be stainless steel for durability and long life. Once the prototypes were in test and the bugs worked out, I met with Dennis Parks, Executive Vice President of Texas Refinery Corp. The moment he laid eyes on this device he shared the vision.

After several years and millions of miles in test, I came to understand a simple wireless remote control just wasn’t enough.


I needed the system to be fully automatic, keep records and provide the ability to communicate with the driver.  Understanding the ELD mandate,  We decided to tap into the IoT (Internet of Things). After several meetings with some top APP developers,  we realized we needed to be working directly with a telematics company.

I began my hunt for the technology leader in ELDs (Electronic Log Device).

Call it luck or Providence, I found and contacted David Lady and Mark Rupert, founders (and coders) of Geo Space Labs.

 Combining our technologies allows us to be First to Market with the most comprehensive ELD package on the planet.

This consortium of fine mechanical, electronic and software engineers, along with some of the country’s top machinists and metal fabricators, have all been thoroughly vetted to insure a steady and reliable flow of production.  This vitally important fact insures you will receive your order in a timely manner.

Whether you are an OO and need a single system or want to equip a fleet of 3000, we can deliver.

Please enjoy reading all about what we’ve assembled here for you. It's going to make perfect sense.

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