The Complete System in 5 Easy Steps

This system is engineered to be as simple as possible for everyone involved in your organization. Unsurpassed functionality designed with ease of use in mind enables your organization to be more safe, efficient and profitable.

The driver learns to love the functionality of the Geo Wiz Pro ELD, the performance of the fuel additive, the ease of paperwork, the time they save on the phone and the dependability of their truck due to the chemistry of the Texas Refinery High Performance Lubricants.

The maintenance personnel learn to love the program because they are constantly amazed at the difference the TRC products make versus whatever they are accustomed to. The first time they pull a valve cover they will have everyone come see how clean the engine is. The rockers will have zero sludge. They will be happy to do something much more productive than pulling a 1000lb. transmission to replace a $20 seal. The additives in TRC lubricants replenish the seal material and extends seal and gasket life exponentially.

The dispatchers are many times more efficient and much less stressed. Putting deals together instead of tracking down a driver and calling irritated customers.

The COO loves easy access to the records of the whole operation. Enjoying peace of mind knowing they have the highest-level maintenance program in place. The evidence is clear, it actually costs less than the previous method.

The CFO is excited and proud to show higher profits every quarter.

The CEO is very happy because the
whole operation is running like a
well-oiled machine.

Step one

Install Geo Wiz Pro ELD system.


Step two

Install oil sampling valve

Step three

Upgrade all lubricants with appropriate TRC product.*

- Engines

- Transmissions

-Differentials and axles

-Fifth wheel and all grease points

Step four

Install MPG SMARTSTAR™ Precision Fuel Additive Dosing Device
When PRECISION counts!      Fill dosing tank with desired TRC fuel improver.

*These recommended lubricants are an excellent choice for most applications. Many other high performance products are available here.

For assistance in choosing the best lubricant for your application click here.

 Texas Refinery lubricants are engineered to protect your equipment and last as long as possible. Instead of focusing on selling more product, we strive to sell you more products. We know when you experience our grease lasting 4 to 6 x longer than the grease you’ve been using, you most likely will want to try our engine oil. When you see your oil analysis reports, we think you’ll be interested in our gear lubes.

Wouldn’t you rather your lubricant dollar be applied to the product as opposed to advertising?
Billions of dollars are spent each year advertising lubricants that are designed to wear out and be replaced at regular intervals. Fortunately, You don’t need to contribute a dime towards that.

Step five

At 20,000 miles, or first recommended oil change, change engine oil filters, draw oil sample and register vehicle with the free Texas Refinery Advanced Lab Oil Analysis Program.

Do not drain the oil. You will receive the results of the oil analysis report within a week. See sample report on page 6 here.

Follow the recommendations on the report and continue to change filters at regular service intervals programmed into the ELD. Notifications of upcoming routine service are conveniently color coded.

We suggest drivers carry make up oil and pre-addressed oil analysis sample kits so they can adhere to the program wherever they may be.
On the subject, the six-gallon tank of the MPG SMARTSTAR™ additive dosing device will treat 6000 gallons of fuel. If a truck stays out more than 40,000 miles or so, the driver can carry a few gallons of additive in the tool box.

Additive tank level is monitored, and driver notified at 25% capacity – enough for another 10,000 miles or so.
Watch this short video to understand Texas Refinery’s history.